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What’s Written on the Body by Peter Pereira



I have always been fascinated with the body and the medical field. What’s Written on the Body was not my intended book to review, but the title called out to me. Just the thought of writing poetry from a medical perspective and terminology is quite intriguing. Peter Pereira did not disappoint when his savvy imagery and storytelling puts me right into his mind. A Nurse Practitioner that writes poetry is sheer genius and his flair for word play is simply stunning.


Attending Rounds

“She woke in the night with an elephant

on her chest took three nitroglycerin

dialed 911 got four of morphine

in the field then rolled into the ER

V-fib arrest ongoing CPR

was shocked three times at death’s gummed door before

her heart jingle-jangle rhythm returned.”



Most of his poems places you right there in the hospital or that moment of crisis. I kept thinking wow! How could someone analyze these tough situations and put them into poems. I respect poetry even more because of how the simplicity and versatility of it reflects everyday life.



“I’ve doctored her through hip replacement,

colon cancer, stroke. She is the doting grandmother

I never had. Thinks of me as her virtuous, infallible

second son. So it’s no surprise she notices immediately

at her monthly clinic visit the new gold band on my finger.”



Whenever I visit the doctor, I am always curious to know why other people are there.This book in some way satisfied my curiosity, it also makes me reflect on my health and the health of us humans, how it falls apart and some day we have some kind of medical dilemma. No doubt Pereira’s charm, storytelling and wit are displayed it his poems. A very refreshing and welcoming look at poetry, the medical field and the lives of people.

Lisa Green     

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