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Kaci Sutton Journal 2

Today, I actually worked with all girls, age eleven, four girls. Each were working on the same project. They all had different teachers. All their teachers were female, which is expected. I only had one male teacher in elementary school. Teaching in grade school is predominantly male-dominated.

What I paid close attention to was gender and how gender shaped their social interactions/social environment. The first I noticed is how each of them treated each other. It reminded me of being with my girlfriends. They all joked around with each other and made fun of each other. What really interested is how power also played a role in their female-dominated social interactions. Two girls played the alpha male roles. One even blatantly ignored my advice while I was helping her with her project. At first, I was offended because I am older and I know better. I’m pretty that was my ego toying with me. But I didn’t react negatively to her. I let her do it her way. I really liked how she handled the situation because she didn’t play the stereotypical “submissive” role, as a female. She asserted her independence, as many children do. The other alpha male-like girl dictated what everyone else should be doing. Every time I intervened she gave me a look like, “look I’m here running things.” She came off as extremely cold, but through the course of an hour and a half she let her guard down a bit. The other two girls wanted help and listened to the advice giving to them about how to complete their projects. What I did like is they all needed help and were not afraid to ask for help, some were more comfortable with asking while others responded better when asked if they needed help.

The thing that interested me most about today was the subject of objectification! One of the girls was listening to Miley Cyrus’s “Wretching Ball” song on YouTube. She literally covered it when she saw the video on accident going between tabs working on her project and said, “Oh my gosh! I hate the video. It disturbs me.” I asked why? She said, “She’s naked. It’s gross. So disturbing.” I agreed with her. I really liked that as an 11-year-old she found that inappropriate. She was not saying I want to be like her. She was saying I love her music, but how she presents herself is not okay.

Today was a great CSL day, best by far.

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