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Kaci Sutton: Journal #3

During one of my visits at Heritage Park, I paid close attention to how race functioned within their social setting. On this particular day, there were only all black girls from middle school. One of the girls always wears her hair in a bun with a head band and wears the same blue hoody every time I see her. Another girl has braids and dresses like a tomboy. Another wears her hair in a high bun too and dresses more feminine and wears flats every time I see her. The last girl wears name brand clothes with her hair always down and flat ironed. While socioeconomic status is an obvious factor in my observation I still paid close attention to how they dressed and how they treated one another. The girl who wears name brand clothes, like Jordan’s, also has a phone and whines when she talks. When she feels like someone else is being rude to her she sounds like she is about to cry. She seems extremely spoiled based on how she interacts with others in a social setting. I asked if she was an only child and she said “No.” One girl, in particular, who wears the blue hoody often, is really mean to this girl. I noticed this in a three visit time span that she was the rudest to this one girl. They share the same race and economic status. I began to wonder if she was jealous of this girl, who in her eyes has everything, because she too also feels this girl is incredibly spoiled. She even tells the girl, “You’re so spoiled!” Each time the girl replies she just whines saying something in response. The girl who is a tomboy is the same girl who I talked about in a previous post who is very independent. She is not bothered by the other girls. The other girl who dresses feminine just says, “You guys are dumb” or something along those lines when the other two girls fight, which shows she doesn’t really pay them any mind. Growing up, because I am biracial, I have been exposed to black communities. Outside of the black community I have heard so many people say that black people believe they are their own “group.” This really is not true. Their race does not define their social interaction.

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