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Kaci Sutton: Journal #4

During my last visit, the girls had “girls group.” The supervisor has been sick so Heritage Park has been cancelled for two weeks. When I went in, I expected the girls to be sitting in a circle. They weren’t in a circle. They were sitting around the supervisor’s desk. One girl was sitting at the computer, the girl in the blue hoody. She was showing me people on her Facebook. It still shocks me eleven year olds have a Facebook. My parents wouldn’t let me have one until I was about seventeen. Perhaps these children’s parents are not home to monitor them and also they are not getting on Facebook at home. Many of them do not have a computer at home. They cannot afford one. So the girl and I at the computer (lets call her Emily), started talking about her best friend, who I actually knew because she used to go to Heritage Park. She moved away, but she visits a lot, according to Emily. We began having an interesting conversation about relationships. Her best friend, Jill, has a boyfriend. She said “her mom be letting him come over and stuff.” I said, “What?” She replied, “Yeah…” She was also as surprised as me so I couldn’t assume it was because of her economic status, that maybe the mom wasn’t present. It sounds like poor parenting. Emily then went on to show me this picture collage her generation uses on the internet. She made a collage of Jill and her boyfriend then typed the words “Eww” on it. That made me laugh. She is a typical young girl making fun of her best friend’s relationship. I also wondered if she envied her best friend having a boyfriend. Maybe she wanted one too and that was her way of identifying with that. It was really interesting to see how she was acting about her best friend because she is the one I said has an extremely cold exterior in one of my other journal entries. She rolls her eyes all the time and just wants to be the “boss.” I left the girl at the computer to interact with the girls around the table. It took me about thirty minutes to realize we were not having an official girl’s group. They decided to just hang out because they missed their supervisor, which I found to be sweet and gave me the impression they had a close connection with their supervisor. Girl’s group is confidential so I cannot say what they talked about, but I can say that I noticed they were extremely comfortable with one another. They really seemed to care about one another and accept each other for who they are. I’m not sure why Emily didn’t come to spend time with the other girls. I have to see how they interact during girl’s group week this week to reflect on that more.

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