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Kaci Sutton- Journal #6

During one of my visits, I noticed something extremely interesting. As we have already discussed in class discussions, we have approached our CSL experiences through a gendered lens. Not every visit has to be about gender, but that is typically what each of us notices first. Over a few visits, I began to analyze how girls and boys interact when they have siblings or cousins there. I noticed that at Homework Club the only race that felt they had to take care of their family in a public social environment were the Hispanic children. Not just all Hispanic children, but only the girls. If Hispanic girls had a sister or cousin/cousins there the oldest girl took it upon herself to either do the younger family member’s work or yell at them or be on their case about getting their work done. The boys with siblings really did not care about helping. It reminded me of an extremely strict parent and reminded me of how Crawford discusses that each gender can play different roles. In these particular situations, the oldest Hispanic girl fit her role as a woman, for being a “caretaker.” I was sitting there. I could have helped the children. The oldest girls do not have to take it upon themselves to act in the role they did. I have been to Honduras and Guatemala. The girls all happened to be from Honduras. In their culture, I noticed the oldest sister of the family helps carry the weight with the mother. They literally take care of their younger siblings and they start learning this at a very young age. In Honduras, the girls were around eight or nine when they started pulling their weight. This is very different from American culture. It is socially acceptable here, in America, that parents take care of the household and children are just children; however, in households of lower socioeconomic status sometimes children do not get that choice. I found it interesting that only this race and girls did this at Heritage Park.

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