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The Memory of Gills by Catherine Carter

  The Memory of Gills by Catherine Carter is a book of poems that reflect humans connection to “nonhuman animals”. A quote on the back of the book captures the style of the collection perfectly: “Carter’s poems are utterly unique–wry and quiet and carrying a velvet sledgehammer. Her pitch, tone, her sly humor is perfectly tuned. […]

Desert Fathers, Uranium Daughters – Debora Greger

Reading Debora Greger’s Desert Fathers, Uranium Daughters marks us, much like the radiation from the Hanford atomic plant in Washington marked Greger’s childhood. The Hanford plant processed the materials for the atomic bomb used to attack Nagasaki during World War II. Greger writes about the pervasive and inescapable effects of this atomic plant, contrasting contaminating dust with […]

Becoming the Villainess

This book of poems by journalist Jeannine Hall Gailey caught my eye back at the beginning of the semester, and I checked it out, meaning to read it right away. But the longer it sat there on my desk, the more reluctant I was to open it. I adore mythology and fairy tales, and was […]