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Journal #10- Kaci Sutton

I want to spend my last journal really reflecting on my CSL experience. I intend to volunteer next semester, Monday- Thursday. I mentioned some things in journal #9 that I have noticed through my CSL time, but I would like to go even more into depth. I developed deeper relationships with so many of the […]

Journal #9- Kaci Sutton

Yesterday, my friend volunteered with me at Heritage Park. It was a nice opportunity for me to hear her impression of how she thought volunteering went. She was very upset with the things the children were saying. One of the things she was particularly upset about was the middle schoolers talking about twerking. Twerking is […]

Kaci Sutton- Journal #8

Today, there were many children there. Almost all the boys from boys group, except two, came to Homework club today. I paid close attention to how the middle school boys and girls acted because I was just in separate groups with both of them this week. Although they don’t know what each group talks about, […]

Kaci Sutton- Journal #7

Yesterday, I attended girls group. The dynamic was different than boys group. In boys group, there was a clear “alpha male.” The alpha male was the 40-year-old male who ran the group. He cut people off often, dominated the conversation, and told the boys what to do and what he experienced growing up, as if […]

Kaci Sutton- Journal #6

During one of my visits, I noticed something extremely interesting. As we have already discussed in class discussions, we have approached our CSL experiences through a gendered lens. Not every visit has to be about gender, but that is typically what each of us notices first. Over a few visits, I began to analyze how […]

Kaci Sutton- Journal # 5

Yesterday I attended “boys group.” Naturally, I focused my attention on gender. Today I am going to girls group so I will reflect on how the two are similar and different in terms of how each gender interacts with one another later afterwards. For now, I want to blog about how I saw gender functioning […]

Kaci Sutton: Journal #4

During my last visit, the girls had “girls group.” The supervisor has been sick so Heritage Park has been cancelled for two weeks. When I went in, I expected the girls to be sitting in a circle. They weren’t in a circle. They were sitting around the supervisor’s desk. One girl was sitting at the […]

Kaci Sutton: Journal #3

During one of my visits at Heritage Park, I paid close attention to how race functioned within their social setting. On this particular day, there were only all black girls from middle school. One of the girls always wears her hair in a bun with a head band and wears the same blue hoody every […]

Kaci Sutton Journal 2

Today, I actually worked with all girls, age eleven, four girls. Each were working on the same project. They all had different teachers. All their teachers were female, which is expected. I only had one male teacher in elementary school. Teaching in grade school is predominantly male-dominated. What I paid close attention to was gender […]

Kaci Sutton Journal 1

Before I went to my Community Service Learning (CSL) site I was extremely nervous. I volunteered there second semester sophomore year. I didn’t go back my junior year because of my busy schedule and I had to make sacrifices so volunteering at my site went out the window. I felt extremely guilty. I never wanted […]